Critical Summary Assignment: Hidden Curriculum

Hidden curriculum is my topic of choice to research and analyze for my Critical Summary Assignment. Hidden curriculum is important because it plays a significant role in and outside of the classroom. In “The Effect of Hidden Curriculum on Character Education Process of Primary School Students” the author writes, “hidden curriculum possessed in schools are values, beliefs, attitudes, and norms and values which are important parts of school function, ceremonies, and the quality of interpersonal communication” (Cubukcu, 2012). Through this assignment, I hope to further my understanding about hidden curriculum and narrow in on the diverse aspects of hidden curriculum specifically the negative and positive aspects.

In the article it says, “[hidden curriculum] does not provide a clear and distinctive element of the official curriculum for students” (Cubukcu, 2012), therefore, it will be interesting to learn different components of hidden curriculum and how children’s behaviours and beliefs are impacted through hidden curriculum. I aim to discover different supportive activities of hidden curriculum, such as the impacts of cultural activities or free time activities. Further, it will be meaningful to discover how the educator’s attitudes, behaviours, and values, and the school’s atmosphere, routines, and social frame impact the children and their unintended learning outcomes. This is worth consideration, because as a future educator it is important to understand all aspects of a teacher’s role and to understand how a school system can shape each individual through their experiences.

The next course of action I will take to enhance my understanding about hidden curriculum will be to:

  • Research different articles of hidden curriculum
  • Discover negative and positive aspects of hidden curriculum
  • Identify different situations where hidden curriculum is prominent
  • To recognize how society is used as a framework to influence hidden curriculum
  • To familiarize myself with different ways hidden curriculum is present in a school


Çubukçu, Z. (2012). The Effect of Hidden Curriculum on Character Education Process of Primary School Students*. Kuram Ve Uygulamada Egitim Bilimleri, 12(2), 1526-1534.

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